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Daily new posts!

  • ISS developments
  • New launches
  • Astrophysics
  • Satellite Images
  • and much more!


Videos to inspire!

  • Two channels: English & Spanish
  • ISS activities
  • Launch events
  • Mars Exploration
  • and much more!

X, formerly Twitter

To communicate rapidly!

  • Day -to-day events
  • NASA news
  • ESA news
  • Earth Observation
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Publications on Space

(in English & Spanish)

  • MARS, our future on the red planet
  • MARTE: Cómo es, cómo viajar hasta él, y cómo vivir en el planeta rojo
  • other publications coming soon

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Giove Space was formed by a group of Space Experts and Enthusiasts to promote Space activities through Educational Programs and dissemination of information through various channels.

You can find us in many social media, as described above. We also strive to get in touch personally by delivering courses and master classes when the occasion arises.

We are located in The Netherlands.

You can get in touch with us through e-mail for your needs or questions, or to collaborate in new projects related to our activities.

We will love to hear from you!